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Mosquito Fish

The Glenn County Mosquito & Vector Control District (GCMVCD) has four ponds that produce hundreds of pounds of fish each year. The fish are free to Glenn County residents and are available for pick-up at the following locations.

South CountyNorth County
GCMVCD District Office Bucke's Feed and Grain
165 County Road G1308 Railroad Ave.
Willows, Ca 95988Orland, Ca 95963

 **Please bring your own container to transport the fish.**

Mosquito Fish are also available for delivery upon request. Sources where Mosquito Fish CAN be planted; Neglected Swimming Pools, Water Troughs, Ornamental Ponds, Irrigation Return Systems and Rice Fields. 

Mosquito Fish are NOT native to California so they should NOT be planted in Creeks, Streams, Lakes, Rivers, Vernal Pools or any other habitat where they will be in competition with sensitive native fish, aquatic organisms, or where other endangered species may be present.

The use of Mosquito Fish (Gambusia affinis) are a very effective method for controlling immature (larval) mosquitoes. An adult mosquito fish can consume as many as 500 mosquito larvae a day. Mosquito fish are an attractive biological control method used as an alternative to other chemical control methods in many environmentally sensitive areas.